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Student recruitment hits record levels

Student recruitment hits record levels |Jack Grove | Times Higher Education | 19 December 2013

Participation widens, but questions may be asked over falling entry requirements


University student marketing spend up 22%

University student marketing spend up 22%. | David Matthews | Times Higher Education | 7 February 2013

‘Neurotic’ sector plays ‘zero-sum game’ despite cap on numbers. UK universities increased their spending on marketing to potential students by nearly a quarter in the run-up to the introduction of higher fees, a Times Higher Education investigation has found, yet suffered a 7.4 per cent fall in applications.


Sector forced to play wild variations on a recruitment theme

Sector forced to play wild variations on a recruitment theme | John Morgan | Times Higher Education | 24 January 2013

Ucas data demonstrate wide-ranging impact of fees and funding changes. Some post-1992 universities appear to have been hit by a huge collapse in student demand under the new fees and funding system, while half of the Russell Group’s English members have also lost undergraduate numbers.


The False Promise of the Education Revolution

The False Promise of the Education Revolution | Scott Carlson and Goldie Blumenstyk | Chronicle of Higher Education | 17 December, 2012

Disruptions’ have the buzz but may put higher education out of reach for those students likely to benefit the mostReinventing Colleges for Whom? Last year, leading lights in for-profit and nonprofit higher education convened in Washington for a conference on private-sector innovation in the industry. The national conversation about dysfunction and disruption in higher education was just heating up, and panelists from start-ups, banking, government, and education waxed enthusiastic about the ways that a traditional college education could be torn down and rebuilt—and about how lots of money could be made along the way.


In Oil Country, College Enrollments Slow Amid a Gusher of Jobs – Students – The Chronicle of Higher Education

In Oil Country, College Enrollments Slow Amid a Gusher of Jobs | Katherine Mann | Chronicle of Higher Education | 07 December

With an abundance of low-skill jobs paying good wages in the oil business, Texas colleges are finding it difficult to recruit students.


The Cross-Country Recruitment Rush

The Cross-Country Recruitment Rush | Eric Hoover and Josh Keller | The Chronicle of Higher Education | 04 November, 2011

Public universities expand recruitment efforts in quest for out-of-state money. A few weeks ago, 30 high-school students and their parents gathered here in a Hilton conference room to listen to an Arizona State University recruiter, who promoted his campus in terms his California audience could understand.


Conflict at deals for top Year 12s

Conflict at deals for top Year 12s  |  Andrew Trounson |  The Australian Higher Education | 20  July, 2011

TENSIONS at the University of Melbourne over the fairness of providing guaranteed postgraduate pathways only to students with high Year 12 scores, has underlined the high-wire act institutions face in balancing equity and the pursuit of prestige. Melbourne’s decision recently to lower performance thresholds at undergraduate level for high-achieving Year 12 students in order to secure a guaranteed offer of a subsidised postgraduate place was hotly debated at an academic board before agreement was reached. It prompted one academic to complain to the HES that the decision represented the “revenge” of parents of elite private school students, upset that Melbourne doesn’t automatically give high Year 12 scorers direct entry into professional study.


Hefce fines 19 institutions for over-recruitment

Hefce fines 19 institutions for over-recruitment | Simon Bake | Times Higher Education | 7 April 2011

Penalties emphasise universities’ inability to boost income through expansion. Four universities will lose more than £1 million each in public funding this year and 15 others face smaller clawbacks after exceeding their limits on student places, it has emerged. One of the institutions – London South Bank University – will be docked £2.2 million from its annual grant after taking on almost 600 more students than its cap allowed, figures from the Higher Education Funding Council for England show.Phil Cardew, pro vice-chancellor academic at London South Bank, said the university had experienced a “late surge” in accepted offers.