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The Dissertation Can No longer be Defended

The Dissertation Can No longer be Defended | Stacey Patron | Chronicle of Higher Education | 11 February

The dissertation is broken, many scholars agree. So now what? Rethinking the academic centrepiece of a graduate education is an obvious place to start if, as many peopIe believe, Ph.D. programs are in a state of crisis. Universities face urgent calls to reduce the time it takes to complete degrees reduce attrition, and do more to prepare doctoral candidates for nonacademic careers, as students face rising debt and increased competilion for a shrinking number of tenure-track positions


Doctoral Rankings Revamped

Doctoral Rankings Revamped | David Glenn,  | Chronicle of Higher Education | 8 October 2010

The article discusses the U.S. National Research Council’s (NRC) report about doctoral education programs in the U.S. The article provides a diagram explaining the process of the NRC report which includes data from universities and colleges regarding honors won by professors, gender balance, and ethnic diversity for their doctoral programs. NRC project committee chairman Jeremiah P. Ostriker explains the purpose of the data collected by the project and Donna Heiland, vice president of the educational policy group the Teagle Foundation, presents her views on the possible elimination of doctoral programs as a result of the NRC report. Other topics include the report’s influence on prospective students and comments about the validity of the data.


Locals shun doctorates for jobs

Locals shun doctorates for jobs |  Bernard Lane | The Australian | 31 March, 2010

AUSTRALIA has become heavily dependent on overseas students to tackle PhDs in the hard sciences as locals choose well-paid industry jobs over insecure careers in research, according to a new analysis.