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Finding digital focus

You’re Distracted. This Professor Can Help | Marc Parry | The Chronicle of Higher Education | 29 March , 2013

To complete her homework assignment, Meran Hill needed total concentration. The University of Washington senior shut the blinds in her studio apartment. She turned off the music. She took a few deep breaths.

Then she plunged into the task: Spend 15 minutes doing e-mail. Only e-mail, and nothing else.


Professorial pay rises twice as fast as rest

Professorial pay rises twice as fast as rest | Jack Grove | Times Higher Education | 28 March 2013

Professorial salaries are rising more than twice as fast as pay for other academic grades, raising fears about the inflationary impact of next year’s research excellence framework.

With just seven months to go until the cut-off point for inclusion of staff in the REF, figures released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency suggest that professorial staff are gaining higher wage rises than rank-and-file academics squeezed by low national pay offers.


Red tape hinders Asia exchange plan

Red tape hinders Asia exchange plan | Bernard Lane | The Australian Higher Education | 27 March, 2013

THE Coalition’s soft diplomacy plan to send thousands of young Australians to universities in Asia may face “diabolical” problems of accreditation, a policy roundtable has been told. Regulation, the weakness of languages education, and student motivation were among the challenges cited by the 140 leaders in higher education and business at last Friday’s meeting staged by the Liberal Party think tank the Menzies Research Centre.


The Professors Behind the MOOC Hype

The Professors Behind the MOOC Hype | Steve Kolowich | Chronicle of Higher Education | 22 March, 2013

What is it like to teach 10,000 or more students at once, and does it really work? The largest-ever survey of professors who have taught MOOCs, or massive open online courses, shows that the process is time-consuming, but, according to the instructors, often successful. Nearly half of the professors felt their online courses were as rigorous academically as the versions they taught in the classroom.

The survey, conducted by The Chronicle, attempted to reach every professor who has taught a MOOC. The online questionnaire was sent to 184 professors in late February, and 103 of them responded.


ELQ loans could turn part-time rhetoric into reality

ELQ loans could turn part-time rhetoric into reality  | Jack Grove | Times Higher Education | 21 March 2013 |

Ministers advised to reverse ban on second degree funding. Ministers should reverse the ban on graduates accessing student loans to sit second degrees if they are to halt a “worrying decline” in the number of part-time students.


University rankings a job for the professionals

University rankings a job for the professionals | Andrew Trounson | The Australian Higher Education | 20 March, 2013

UNIVERSITIES are paying about $100,000 a year to employ full-time managers dedicated to liaising with ranking agencies and developing strategies aimed at climbing league tables. The University of NSW recently advertised for a manager of strategic reputation while La Trobe was after a manager of institutional rankings. For $100,000, responsibilities included maintaining relationships with ranking agencies to “maximise” or “optimise” their positions in rankings.


Hefce warning: Whitehall, we have some problems

Hefce warning: Whitehall, we have some problems | John Morgan | Times Higher Education | 14 March 2013

‘Unpredictable outcomes’ of reform require ‘immediate attention”. Problems requiring “immediate attention” are emerging under the new fees and funding system, including a “dramatic decline” in the number of part-time entrants that could potentially reduce access for poorer students, England’s funding council has warned.


For employers, a college degree doesn’t do the job

For employers, a college degree doesn’t do the job | Karin Fischer | Chronicle of Higher Education | 8 March, 2013

For some employers, on-the-job experience may matter more than a student’s major or grade-point average. Employers value a four-year college degree, many of them more than ever.


Hungry Treasury eyes universities ‘awash with cash’

Hungry Treasury eyes universities ‘awash with cash’ | John Morgan | Times Higher Education | 7 March 2013

Further austerity measures could wreak havoc with BIS’ stretched finances. Fears are growing that England’s universities could suffer from the perception that they are “awash with cash”, as the Treasury seeks cuts of £1 billion in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills’ 2015-16 budget.


Teach-only roles on the rise

Teach-only roles on the rise  | Bernard Lane | The Australian Higher Education | 06 March, 2013

THE number of teaching-only academics is expected to rise markedly as industrial relations in the sector responds to myriad pressures for change in the traditional academic role.”I would be prepared to wager that the numbers of teaching-focused staff will go up significantly in the next few years,” said Belinda Probert, an adjunct professor at La Trobe University.