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Visa fraudsters ‘preying on’ London branch campuses

Visa fraudsters ‘preying on’ London branch campuses  | John Morgan | Times Higher Education | 03 July 2014

There are fears that London branch campuses run by UK universities could have been “targeted” by criminals running visa scams, as the Home Office investigates what it calls a “concerted attack” on institutions.


Even tighter visa rates may hit sponsor status


System exposes visa rorts as students ‘jump ship’

System exposes visa rorts as students ‘jump ship’ | Bernard Lane | The Australian Higher Education | 08 May, 2013

SOME Indian students are using the university-only streamlined visa system to get to Australia, and are then jumping ship to cheaper private providers, education agents have said.

Two well-regarded Indian agents, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the abuse appeared to be on a small scale now but was bound to increase as student arrivals gain momentum under the new system. “I think it is going to escalate in July because the intake will be bigger,” said a Melbourne-based agent.


Fire sale feared as London Met faces flood of red ink

Fire sale feared as London Met faces flood of red ink | John Morgan | Times Higher Education | 06 September 2012

‘Let’s get real’ is v-c’s vigorous rejoinder to sector experts’ worst-case scenarios. London Metropolitan University could be taken over by a private buyer if the loss of its visa licence leads to insolvency.


Sector in uproar over visa changes

Sector in uproar over visa changes | Andrew Trounson | The Australian Higher Education | 01 December, 2010

IMMIGRATION Minister Chris Bowen is being threatened with legal action over changes that advantage higher education diplomas over vocational diplomas. The changes have split the overseas student sector and sparked recriminations amid concerns students will shift from vocational colleges and TAFEs into higher education providers such as universities.


PhDs victims of migration laws

PhDs victims of migration laws | Bernard Lane  | The Australian Higher Education Supplement |13 January

OVERSEAS students seeking to parlay their advanced science degrees into Australian residency have become unintended victims of tougher rules for skilled migration.

Those with Australian PhDs in fields such as material science and renewable fuels may seek posts overseas rather than endure a much longer wait in the permanent residency queue, Czech-born scientists Jara and Vlad Blazek write in the HES today.