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Wish granted: stifling demand brings result

Wish granted: stifling demand brings result | Paul Jump | Times Higher Education| 9 December 2010

Research council pleased by fewer grant bids and higher success rate. The success of a leading research council in boosting the proportion of grant applications that are approved could herald the introduction of “demand-management” mechanisms across all the UK research councils. The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council recorded a success rate of 30 per cent in 2009-10, up from 26 per cent the previous year. The increase follows the introduction of a number of measures to control demand, including a ban on the uninvited resubmission of proposals and temporary curbs on repeatedly unsuccessful applicants.


Refusal to comply on impact failing to sink grant applications

Refusal to comply on impact failing to sink grant applications | Zoƫ Corbyn| Times Higher Education | 4 February 2010

Some research councils face opposition, but others see creative thinking. Researchers who refuse to predict the future “impact” of their work in grant applications are not necessarily less likely to secure funding.