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The One Problem a President Can’t Solve

Pepperdine U.’s President Faces One Problem He Can’t Solve | Jack Stripling | Chronicle of Higher Education | 1 March, 2013

Andrew Benton is a seasoned leader accustomed to solving problems through persistence and organization. But these tools have done little to help get his son off heroin.


The Priest President of Notre Dame

The Priest President of Notre Dame | Paul Fain | The Chronicle of Higher Education | 8 January 2010

As Notre Dame wrestles with its Catholic character, a strong voice emerges. Seven minutes go fast. So the University of Notre Dame student got right to the point during his meeting with the Rev. John I. Jenkins, the university’s president, one day last fall.

A senior majoring in philosophy and biology, the student shuffled in wearing pressed khakis and a button-down shirt. He fidgeted, sat on the edge of his chair, and delivered a confession: He no longer felt the presence of God.