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Silicon Valley, New York-Style

Silicon Valley, New York-Style | Goldie Blumenstyk | Chronicle of Higher Education | 23 October , 2011

Universities Jockey to Remake New York City’s Technology Landscape.  Cornell and Stanford each want a 10-acre, city-offered site near the southern tip of the island, which lies in the East River and is connected to Manhattan by tram and subway and to Queens by road. A soon-to-close hospital complex on the site will probably be demolished.


EPSRC won’t shelve ‘shaping capabilities’ programme

EPSRC won’t shelve ‘shaping capabilities’ programme – but will consult more | Paul Jump | Times Higher Education| 28 October 2011

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council has declined to mothball its controversial shaping capability policy but agreed to work more closely with learned societies on implementing it. The decision was announced following a meeting last week of the EPSRC council, which discussed a joint call from the major learned societies in the physical sciences, plus the Royal Society, to delay the introduction of the policy to give more time to consider objections to it.


Funds sought by China centre

Funds sought by China centre  | Michael Sainsbury | The Australian Higher Education | 26 October, 2011

THE University of Sydney’s new China Studies Centre is calling for government contributions after a centre at the Australian National University received a $53 million donation last year through then prime minister Kevin Rudd.


Colleges Are Calling Professors Back to Class

Colleges Are Calling Professors Back to Class | Robin Wilson | The Chronicle of Higher Education | 16 October, 2011

Many institutions are calling off the deals that allowed faculty members time off from teaching.  Christopher Neck, a management professor, says he took his job at Arizona State U. after his department head told him he would only have to teach one large course per semester. Now he is teaching five days a week.


Quality key for foreign students

Quality key for foreign students |  Bernard Lane | The Australian Higher Education | 19 October, 2011

AUSTRALIA’S visa system, including the rule that overseas students must show they have enough money to cover their living expenses, has been exonerated as the cause of the troubles of the export education business.

Faculty Unions in Ohio and Wisconsin Hunker Down

Faculty Unions in Ohio and Wisconsin Hunker Down | Peter Schmidt | Chronicle of Higher Education | 09 October, 2011

Political climate forces leaders to accept concessions and defeat. The attacks on Ohio’s and Wisconsin’s public-sector unions mounted by fiscally conservative lawmakers this year are forcing unions that represent public-college faculty in those states to rethink their strategies and basic missions


Universities could be in private hands ‘in six months’

Universities could be in private hands ‘in six months’ | John Morgan | Times Higher Education | 13 October 2011

Mooted change in legal status may allow investors to obtain degree-awarding powers.  A private equity firm or private higher education provider will buy a UK university in whole or part “within the next six months”, according to a sector legal expert.


Services fee bill passes into law

Services fee bill passes into law  | Andrew Trounson | The Australian Higher Education | 12 October, 2011

AFTER almost three years of political stalemate, the Gillard government yesterday delivered legislation to introduce a student amenities fee.


As Chancellor Focuses on the ‘Public Good,’ Syracuse’s Reputation Slides.

Syracuse’s Slide | Robin Wilson | The Chronicle of Higher Education | 02 October, 2011

Some professors say the university’s focus on its community is affecting its ability to compete academically. Nancy Cantor is the chancellor of Syracuse University, but if you didn’t know better you might think she was the mayor of this town. Since she took over at the university seven years ago, the institution has spent tens of millions of dollars—and attracted much more—to revitalize this sagging Rust Belt city.


Institute shy about industry cash

Institute shy about industry cash | Paul Cleary | The Australian Higher Education | 05 October, 2011

A MINERALS research institute relied on by state and federal governments to assess contentious coal-seam gas developments in Queensland has received substantial funding at the same time from industry without fully disclosing these sources. Since 2007, the University of Queensland’s Sustainable Minerals Institute has received 60 per cent to 80 per cent of its funding from industry.