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Warwick and Monash team up for global strategy

Warwick and Monash team up for global strategy |John Morgan | Times Higher Education | 02 February 2012

The two universities aim to offer global market ‘best of both worlds’.The UK’s University of Warwick and Australia’s Monash University have formed a partnership aimed at pushing them “well into the first 50 institutions” in the world as they anticipate similar moves by rivals in a globalised higher education market.


Portugal Aims to Modernize With Help From the U.S.

Portugal Aims to Modernize With Help From the U.S. | Fischer, Karin | Chronicle of Higher Education | 17 September, 2010

The article discusses Portugal’s efforts to promote economic growth by investing in scientific research and development at its higher-education institutions. The article mentions the University of Coimbra’s relationship with several U.S. universities, such as Carnegie Mellon University and the Harvard Medical School, to engage in research and academic exchange programs. Government spending has increased in these fields due to a commitment by the country to become a knowledge economy through innovation in science and technology. Relationships between Portuguese and U.S. universities have brought jobs to the country, attracted high-achieving students, and attracted business investments, but leaders fear funding from the federal government may decrease.


Global future: together alone

Global future: together alone |  Simon Baker | Times Higher Education | 29 July 2010

Warwick v-c envisages ‘holding company’ model for university partnerships. Global partnerships between universities could become so intertwined that they exist under single international “holding companies”, a vice-chancellor has suggested.