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Pearson profits from private expansion

Pearson profits from private expansion | John Morgan | Times Higher Education | 28 November 2013

‘Uncontrolled’ growth in HNCs and HNDs may lead to university retrenchment


Private bodies saddle up for state subsidies

Private bodies saddle up for state subsidies | John Morgan | Times Higher Education | 12 July 2012

Number of private courses eligible for public loans is increasing, BIS data show. Students on private college courses such as animal chiropractic care, acupuncture and “contemporary person-centred psychotherapy” have been eligible to receive state-subsidised funding during the past two years, with one private institution being given state loan access for nearly 100 sub-degree vocational courses in a single day.


Private providers surge ahead

Private providers surge ahead | Bernard Lane | The Australian Higher Education | 27 June, 2012

PRIVATE higher education has grown so rapidly that it now represents 50 per cent of providers and 10 per cent of students, according to a new analysis.

When TAFEs and theology colleges are included, the broad non-university sector accounted for more than $290 million of the $1 billion in FEE-HELP loan funding last year.