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Global future: together alone

Global future: together alone |  Simon Baker | Times Higher Education | 29 July 2010

Warwick v-c envisages ‘holding company’ model for university partnerships. Global partnerships between universities could become so intertwined that they exist under single international “holding companies”, a vice-chancellor has suggested.


On Immigration Fault Line, Arizona Colleges Struggle for Balance

On Immigration Fault Line, Arizona Colleges Struggle for Balance | Karin Fischer | Chronicle of Higher Education |
30 July, 2010

The article discusses an Arizona state law that prevents undocumented immigrants from paying in-state tuition rates at colleges and universities and being eligible for state student financial aid. College student Gregorio Montes de Oca discusses the actions that he has taken to protest the law, which is known as Proposition 300, by chaining himself to the Arizona Capitol building. Also considered is an Arizona law that allows policemen to question people about their immigration status and how such a law could impact college students in the state.The impact of such laws on colleges and universities, particularly in terms of recruitment and whether or not campus officials will be expected to check students’ immigration status, is considered.


Sector faces perfect storm

Sector faces perfect storm | Andrew Trounson and Guy Healy | The Australian Higher Education | 28 July, 2010

UNIVERSITIES Australia yesterday warned that the sector faces a “perfect storm” of factors threatening vital international student revenue next year. UA warned the industry was threatened by the strong Australian dollar and rising competition, as well as the Gillard government’s tougher visa conditions and tighter migration settings aimed at cracking down on rorts.


The slow road: where PhD success comes late, if at all

The slow road: where PhD success comes late, if at all | Paul Jump | Times Higher Education | 22 July 2010

Liverpool John Moores and Bedfordshire fall short in delivering results. The universities with the lowest PhD qualification rates are identified in new figures detailing completions.


Young should get grants priority

Young should get grants priority |  Cheryl Jones | The Australian Higher Education | 21 July, 2010

AFFIRMATIVE action for young research-grant applicants is among the recommendations of a report on ways to drive international collaborative research. The report, Australia’s International Research Collaboration, also calls for action to streamline the processing of visa applications from overseas academics sponsored to work here.


Business Is Up in Keeping Rates Down

Business Is Up in Keeping Rates Down | Goldie Blumenstyk & Jeffrey Brainard | Chronicle of Higher Education | 16 July 2010

The article discusses the ramifications for U.S. colleges and universities that have a high number of former students who have defaulted on their student loans. Some of these for-profit schools have reached out to default management companies in order to find such former students and encourage them to get forbearances on their loans so that the schools’ rate of defaulters will stay low.


Cubie votes to scrap final-salary pensions

Cubie votes to scrap final-salary pensions | John Morgan | Times Higher Education | 15 July 2010

Union fears a two-tier system will emerge and damage staff recruitment. The coveted final-salary pension – long regarded in UK academia as crucial compensation for salaries below those on offer elsewhere – is set to be scrapped by the academy’s largest pension scheme.


Plan to lift cap on local students

Plan to lift cap on local students | Andrew Trounson | The Australian Higher Education | 14 July, 2010

UNIVERSITIES Australia may lobby the government to raise the cap on government-funded over-enrolments next year. They believe this will help the sector weather a downturn in international students.


REF postponed while Willetts waits for impact ‘consensus’

REF postponed while Willetts waits for impact ‘consensus’ | Simon Baker | Times Higher Education | 8 July 2010

Minister yet to be convinced by measure as Labour attacks coalition cuts. The government is to delay the research excellence framework by a year to see whether consensus emerges in the sector over plans to measure the social and economic “impact” of academics’ work.


Reforms would shore up research

Reforms would shore up research | Guy Healy | The Australian Higher Education | 07 July , 2010

A SHIFT towards decade-long research grants and joint university-industry appointments head the list of reforms in the federal government’s draft blueprint.