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Blog scrutiny forces reappraisal

Blog scrutiny forces reappraisal | Bernard Lane | The Australian Higher Education | 20 June, 2012

SCIENTISTS who put on hold a paper on Australasian climate change after bloggers scrutinised their data have been praised for enabling a more open, internet-friendly form of peer review.


Peer-review system threat as research grants nosedive

Peer-review system threat as research grants nosedive | Zoë Corbyn | Times Higher Education | 3 September 2009

By RCUK chair is ‘awfully concerned’ about all-time low success rate for grants. The chances of securing a grant from the research councils have plummeted, with a Times Higher Education analysis showing that the overall success rate of applicants has hit an all-time low of 23 per cent.


Peer review teeters as experts struggle with burden of work

Zoë Corbyn, Times Higher Education

System threatened because academics lack time to assess research grant proposals. The peer-review system for allocating research grants is on the brink of breakdown, it was warned this week, as research councils struggle to find enough suitable academics willing to review applications.