Monthly Archives: May 2009

This Year, Colleges Recruited Students in a ‘Hall of Mirrors’

Eric Hoover and Becki Supiano, The Chronicle of Higher Education

With more unknowns in the enrollment equation this year than ever before, many colleges decided to play it safe and admit more students than they did last year, a new Chronicle survey has found.


Hunt to urge unity at union’s annual meet

Melanie Newman, Times Higher Education

UCU head to decry employers’ ‘subversion’ and call for united front. A call for unity is to be issued by the general secretary of the University and College Union amid mounting criticism of her leadership.


Research hogs ‘rort’ the system

Bernard Lane,  The Australian Higher Education Supplement

TOP universities were using marriages of convenience with medical research institutes to inflate their research income and prestige and to secure an unfair slice of sought-after block funds for infrastructure, university chief Ross Milbourne said.,25197,25542676-12332,00.html


A Lifetime of Student Debt? Not Likely

Robin Wilson, The Chronicle of Higher Education

Many college graduates borrow lightly or not at all, statistics show. One college graduate had smashed a ceramic piggy bank, while another had adorned a life-size human statue with nothing but a silver ball and chain. A third drew a picture of a woman in a red coat stumbling down a seemingly endless pathway. The objects were all part of an art show last month in which graduates expressed fear and frustration over their student loan debt.


Peer review teeters as experts struggle with burden of work

Zoë Corbyn, Times Higher Education

System threatened because academics lack time to assess research grant proposals. The peer-review system for allocating research grants is on the brink of breakdown, it was warned this week, as research councils struggle to find enough suitable academics willing to review applications.


Euphoria recedes after reality check

Andrew Trounson and Bernard Lane, The Australian Higher Education Supplement

UNIVERSITIES are facing a tough two years as they wait for the Government’s budget money to come through amid warnings quality could suffer and jobs be lost just as the sector is supposed to gear up for significant expansion.,25197,25508255-12332,00.html.


As Cutbacks Hit College Sports, Baseball Falls Behind in the Count

Brad Wolverton, The Chronicle of Higher Education

Because only a handful of college baseball programs generate enough revenue to pay their own way, the sport is a candidate for elimination at a number of hard-pressed institutions.


For-profit growth predicted if US giant buys UK’s BPP

Melanie Newman, Times Higher Education

The owner of the largest for-profit university in the US is eyeing a London institution in a move described as highly significant to the future of UK higher education. The Apollo Group, which owns the University of Phoenix and is backed by a Washington-based private equity firm, has approached the parent company of legal and accountancy education provider BPP, Britain’s only for-profit provider with UK degree-awarding powers.


Performance targets to drive funding

Andrew Trounson, The Australian Higher Education Supplement

THE federal Government has placed performance targets at the centre of a $5.3 billion, six-year package intended to move higher education funding towards a more sustainable basis.Teaching funding is to be linked to agreed performance outcomes on quality, participation and completions rates and a new regulatory agency, the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency, will be formed to oversee standards and performance.,25197,25470917-12332,00.html.


As the Auto Industry Shrinks, a Community College Retools

Karin Fischer, Chronicle of Higher Education

In 1954, Chrysler introduced its “newest, smoothest” ride, the Dodge Royal sedan, which rolled off the assembly line with a glossy two-tone paint job and state-of-the-art V-8 engine. That same year, just northeast of Detroit, Macomb Community College opened its doors, with a mission to prepare the vehicle designers, auto-parts…