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Ivy League Drives Shame Seniors Who Don’t Give

Ivy League Drives Shame Seniors Who Don’t Give | Rachel Louise Ensign | Chronicle of Higher Education | 29 October 2010

The article discusses fund raising drives at Cornell University and Dartmouth College aimed at getting graduating seniors in the habit of donating to their institutions. The campaigns at each school used peer pressure as a guiding force to solicit funds by publishing the names of seniors who had not contributed, sparking controversy at each campus. Differences between donations and pledges, efforts by Panhellenic members to recruit donors, and tips from Rob Henry, executive director at the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), regarding attracting donations are presented. Other topics include the decision by Dartmouth senior Laura DeLorenzo to not contribute to her school’s senior-gift drive and comments from Cornell senior-gift drive head Corey Earle.


Hefce chief: prepare for tough journey in uncharted territory

Hefce chief: prepare for tough journey in uncharted territory | Rebecca Attwood | Times Higher Education | 28 October 2010

Sir Alan Langlands calls for future rethink on ‘untested’ funding plans. Universities face a risky and rapid move into uncharted territory after multibillion-pound cuts revealed a new higher education landscape “starved” of public funding for teaching.


Funding advice by next October

Funding advice by next October | Andrew Trounson | The Australian Higher Education | 27  October, 2010

TERTIARY Education Minister Chris Evans yesterday set an October 2011 reporting date for the crucial review of base university funding. This comes amid fresh controversy over whether student HECS fees will have to rise.


Play It Again, Professor

Play It Again, Professor | Tom Bartlett | Chronicle of Higher Education | 22 October 2010

The article describes a public reading by Marcus Boon, associate professor of English at York University in Toronto, Ontario, regarding his book “In Praise of Copying” and the issue of intellectual property. Comments by Boon regarding the issues of originality, plagiarism, and copyrights in literary works are presented. The books “Common as Air: Revolution, Art, and Ownership” by Lewis Hyde and “Reality Hunger” by David Shields are also discussed.


Market, what market? V-cs set for race to the top on fees

Market, what market? V-cs set for race to the top on fees | Simon Baker | Times Higher Education | 21 October 2010

Institutions will charge more than £8,000 to counter cuts, heads warn. Lord Browne’s proposals for a market in tuition fees could be undermined by most English universities rushing to charge in excess of £8,000 to recoup the losses from cuts in state funding, Times Higher Education has been told.


Squaring up for masters title fight at University of Melbourne

Squaring up for masters title fight at University of Melbourne | Bernard Lane |  The Australian Higher Education | 20 October, 2010

THE University of Melbourne has been accused of defying national protocols by badging masters-level courses with doctoral titles.

“It’s perfectly clear that this idea of being able to call a masters qualification a ‘doctor of ‘ is not permissible under the existing protocols,” said former education minister John Dawkins, who chairs the council that crafted a controversial new Australian Qualifications Framework.


At Just 14, Iconic Building Raises Preservation Issues

At Just 14, Iconic Building Raises Preservation Issues | Lawrence Biemiller | Chronicle of Higher Education | 15 October, 2010

The article discusses the Aronoff Center for Design and Art building on the campus of the University of Cincinnati, which was designed by Peter Eisenman. The building is an example of the deconstructionist movement in architecture but it needs to be repaired because water is damaging the building’s exterior, which will need to be completely replaced. The materials used in the building are discussed and university architect Mary Beth McGrew comments that the school used the untried exterior because it was less expensive than other options. McGrew’s choice of materials and colors for the building’s exterior are described.


Low-cost subjects ‘should survive the loss of grants’

Low-cost subjects ‘should survive the loss of grants’ | Simon Baker | Times Higher Education | 14 October 2010

Lord Browne dismisses fears by insisting flexibility will maintain provision. Lord Browne has insisted that his panel’s proposal to remove teaching grants from lower-cost subjects such as arts, humanities and social sciences would not lead to the disciplines becoming the preserve of elite institutions.


Go8 idea likely to corrupt all titles

Go8 idea likely to corrupt all titles | Bernard Lane | The Australian Higher Education | 13  October, 2010

THE Group of Eight is running a campaign that would debase the currency of academic qualifications, according to former minister John Dawkins. Mr Dawkins chairs the Australian Qualifications Framework Council.


Doctoral Rankings Revamped

Doctoral Rankings Revamped | David Glenn,  | Chronicle of Higher Education | 8 October 2010

The article discusses the U.S. National Research Council’s (NRC) report about doctoral education programs in the U.S. The article provides a diagram explaining the process of the NRC report which includes data from universities and colleges regarding honors won by professors, gender balance, and ethnic diversity for their doctoral programs. NRC project committee chairman Jeremiah P. Ostriker explains the purpose of the data collected by the project and Donna Heiland, vice president of the educational policy group the Teagle Foundation, presents her views on the possible elimination of doctoral programs as a result of the NRC report. Other topics include the report’s influence on prospective students and comments about the validity of the data.