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Pearson profits from private expansion

Pearson profits from private expansion | John Morgan | Times Higher Education | 28 November 2013

‘Uncontrolled’ growth in HNCs and HNDs may lead to university retrenchment


Overseas families in battler category

Overseas families in battler category | John Ross |  The Australian Higher Education | 27 November, 2013

SUEARNA Thayala says she could probably name the movies she’s seen during her three years in Australia. “Everything’s really expensive so I don’t go out much,” she says. A journalism student at the University of NSW, she staffs the reception of a student residence to make ends meet. But it’s a delicate balancing act, as she struggles to ensure her work duties don’t interfere with her studies and force her to repeat any subjects


PR staff strive for Wikipedia whitewashes

PR staff strive for Wikipedia whitewashes | David Matthews | Times Higher Education | 21 November 2013

Press offices attempt news management via popular data source


Good colleges denied fast visas

Good colleges denied fast visas | John Ross and Julie Hare | The Australian Higher Education | 20 November, 2013

IN a process straight from the pages of Joseph Heller’s Catch-22, colleges have been judged low-risk in their dealings with international students so long as they haven\’t enrolled enough international students to build up a track record of risk.Small niche institutions appear on the confidential list of 22 private colleges and TAFEs invited to take part in the streamlined visa processing scheme.


Research grant success rates rise with demand management

Research grant success rates rise with demand management | Paul Jump | Times Higher Education | 14 November 2013

Research councils show value of restraint. The research councils’ controversial demand management measures have been credited with driving the fourth successive annual rise in the overall success rate for grant applications, which now stands at 30 per cent.


Thinktank sounds warning for BIS’ post-election budget

Thinktank sounds warning for BIS’ post-election budget | David Matthews | Times Higher Education | 7 November 2013

IFS: places, grants or remaining direct funding will have to be cut. Universities and their students face cuts to remaining direct funding, maintenance grants or places after the next election, according to a report that maps out the consequences of the current trajectory of government austerity.