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Colombo Plan safe from fallout

Colombo Plan safe from fallout | Bernard Lane | The Australian Higher Education | 04 December, 2013

JAKARTA\’S anger over the spying scandal is not expected to hamper preparations for the Indonesia trial of the New Colombo study abroad program, says Indonesia’s consul-general in Sydney, Gary Jusuf.


Overseas families in battler category

Overseas families in battler category | John Ross |  The Australian Higher Education | 27 November, 2013

SUEARNA Thayala says she could probably name the movies she’s seen during her three years in Australia. “Everything’s really expensive so I don’t go out much,” she says. A journalism student at the University of NSW, she staffs the reception of a student residence to make ends meet. But it’s a delicate balancing act, as she struggles to ensure her work duties don’t interfere with her studies and force her to repeat any subjects


Overseas applications hold up despite visa crackdown | News | Times Higher Education

Overseas applications hold up despite visa crackdown  |  John Morgan | Times Higher Education | 31 October 2013

THE survey shows non-EU students outside India largely undeterred by coalition measures. Indian postgraduate applications to some UK universities with global reputations have plunged by nearly 30 per cent this year in the wake of the government’s crackdown on immigration.


Indian students may be priced out of UK by falling rupee

Indian students may be priced out of UK by falling rupee  | David Matthews | Times Higher Education | 12 September 2013

Sterling’s strength may mean weak recruitment, higher education sector warns


Lower-grade foreign queue-jumpers a ‘myth’, data suggest

Lower-grade foreign queue-jumpers a ‘myth’, data suggest | David Matthews | Times Higher Education | 2 May, 2013

The long standing suspicion that universities accept international studnets with weak qualifications to boost their income appears to be unfounded, according to research by Times Higher Eductation.

At some institutions, such as teh highly international London School of Economics, it is British students who have fewer tariff points.


More Indian students coming to campus

More Indian students coming to campus | Bernard Lane | The Australian Higher Education | 29 August, 2012

A DRAMATIC rise in offshore visa grants points to the possible re-emergence of India as a key higher education market. And onshore demand for vocational education and training, dominated in recent times by Indians, is weakening.


Offshore students told not to come

Stay or go: mixed messages for offshore students | Bernard Lane | The Australian Higher Education | 22 August, 2012

IMMIGRATION officers are sabotaging Australia’s education marketing overseas by rejecting would-be students and suggesting they are better off taking courses in their home countries, education providers complain.”People are being told in visa rejections, ‘don’t come to Australia, stay where your are, it will be cheaper’,” said Stephen Nagle, director of the private provider Holmes Institute.


Overseas students are expected to return

Overseas students are expected to return | Bernard Lane | The Australian Higher Education | 30 May, 2012

UNIVERSITIES will enjoy a return to “decent growth” in overseas markets next year but the academic quality of students will be lower, according to a leading analyst. Daniel Guhr, from the US-based Illuminate Consulting Group, predicts growth of 6 to 7 per cent next year for Australian higher education after a flat 2012, assuming that visa streamlining and post-study work rights prove attractive.


Sector ignored despite $3bn hit

Sector ignored despite $3bn hit | John Ross | The Australian Higher Education | 14 March, 2012

INTERNATIONAL education is “flying under the radar” as a contributor to a faltering national economy, even though plunging student revenues could push some states into recession. The International Education Association of Australia said attention continued to be focused on manufacturing job losses from companies such as Toyota, Alcoa, OneSteel and Murray Goulburn, even though international education had lost $3 billion in a year and enrolments were declining “week in, week out”.


China crisis as numbers tumble

China crisis as numbers tumble | Michael Sainsbury | The Australian Higher Education | 08 February, 2012

AUSTRALIA is facing the most “challenging and volatile” environment in the $16 billion international student market for almost three decades, with enrolment numbers from China, Australia’s biggest market, down for a second year by about 15 per cent.