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CQU’s research dream team

CQU’s research dream team | Julie Hare | The Australian Higher Education | 14 September, 2011

IN a rare move, a team of up to 50 researchers and research students will defect from the University of South Australia to join Central Queensland University. And to secure the $7 million deal, CQU will build a bespoke research facility in Adelaide specifically for the team, led by internationally acclaimed sleep researcher, Drew Dawson.


Campaign to merge MRIs under fire | The Australian

Campaign to merge MRIs under fire | Bernard Lane | The Australian Higher Education Supplement | 02 December, 2009

A CAMPAIGN by the Group of Eight universities to merge medical research institutes has been criticised as misleading and lacking in evidence. Bob Graham, president of the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes, called on the Go8 to back up its claims that smaller institutions were at risk of failure.