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Student recruitment hits record levels

Student recruitment hits record levels |Jack Grove | Times Higher Education | 19 December 2013

Participation widens, but questions may be asked over falling entry requirements


Willetts astonished by elite reaction to expansion

Willetts astonished by elite reaction to expansion |  John Morgan  | Times Higher Education | 12 December 2013

Russell Group critical of abolition of student numbers cap. David Willetts clashed with a Russell Group vice-chancellor at a high-profile meeting after concerns were raised about the expansion of student numbers, Times Higher Education understands.


Christopher Pyne to cut reporting red tape

Christopher Pyne to cut reporting red tape | JOHN ROSS | The Australian Higher Education | 11 December, 2013

THE Coalition will today cement its deregulation credentials by fully endorsing a pivotal red tape report commissioned under the previous government. Education Minister Christopher Pyne will commit to implementing all 27 recommendations of last year’s PhillipsKPA review of reporting requirements.


Undergraduate numbers cap ‘to be abolished’ – Osborne

Undergraduate numbers cap ‘to be abolished’ – Osborne  | John Morgan |  Times Higher Education | 05 December 2013

The government will abolish the cap on student numbers “altogether” the year after next, George Osborne has announced.The shock announcement in today’s autumn statement by the chancellor also revealed that there will be an extra 30,000 student places next year as an interim step before abolition of the cap


Colombo Plan safe from fallout

Colombo Plan safe from fallout | Bernard Lane | The Australian Higher Education | 04 December, 2013

JAKARTA\’S anger over the spying scandal is not expected to hamper preparations for the Indonesia trial of the New Colombo study abroad program, says Indonesia’s consul-general in Sydney, Gary Jusuf.