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The Hard Numbers Behind Scholarly Publishing’s Gender Gap

Scholarly Publishing’s Gender Gap | Robin Wilson | Chronicle of Higher Education | 26 October, 2012

Women cluster in certain fields, according to a study of millions of journal articles, while men get more credit

When Jennifer Jacquet first visited Carl T. Bergstrom’s evolutionary-biology lab at the University of Washington last year, she was surrounded by men. Men staring at data on the 27-inch Mac Pro computer screen that takes center stage in the lab. Men talking about mathematical proofs, about a South Park episode on evolution, about their latest mountain-climbing adventures.


Finch’s open-access cure may be ‘worse than the disease’

Finch’s open-access cure may be ‘worse than the disease’ | Paul Jump | Times Higher Education | 28 June 2012

Research elite say cost of gold plan could cripple the sector as publishers profit. A move to full “gold” open-access publishing will “cripple university systems” by incurring large extra costs without significantly improving access to research, leading research universities have warned.


Open access may require funds to be rationed

Open access may require funds to be rationed | Paul Jump | Times Higher Education | 21 June, 2012

Moving to gold model could cost sector an extra £60m a year, says Finch group. The cost of making the transition to full open access could require universities to discourage or bar researchers from publishing minor papers in order to maintain funds for publication in top journals.


Who Gets to See Published Research?

Who Gets to See Published Research? | Jennifer Howard | The Chronicle of Higher Education | 22 January, 2012

The battle over public access to federally financed research is heating up again. The basic question is this: When taxpayers help pay for scholarly research, should those taxpayers get to see the results in the form of free access to the resulting journal articles?