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League tables should be replaced, says v-c

League tables should be replaced, says v-c | Melanie Newman | Times Higher Education | 27 August 2009

Chris Brink calls for quality profiling as Mandelson ponders spidergrams. Love them or loathe them, league tables ranking universities against each other have grown inexorably in recent years.


OUA calls for subsidised places online

OUA calls for subsidised places online | Bernard Lane |  Australian Higher Education Supplement | 26 August , 2009

OPEN Universities Australia, a fast-growing business owned by public institutions, wants to tap into federal teaching subsidies to accelerate its expansion of online education. Chief executive Stuart Hamilton said OUA’s case for Commonwealth Grant Scheme subsidies made sense, given the government’s plans for a big increase in tertiary places by 2025, the advent of a demand-driven sector in 2012 and the high cost of building extra campuses.


Retractions up tenfold

Retractions up tenfold | Zoë Corbyn | Times Higher Education | 20 August 2009

‘Publish or perish’ factor in withdrawal of science papers. The rate at which scientific journal articles are being retracted has increased roughly tenfold over the past two decades, an exclusive analysis for Times Higher Education reveals.


Crackdown on visa vultures

Crackdown on visa vultures | Andrew Trounson and Bernard Lane | The Australian Higher Education Supplement | 19 August, 2009

UNIVERSITIES are pushing for a crackdown in vocational training to root out the visa-driven element of the international student market, which they argue is causing collateral damage to the reputation of the sector. Universities Australia chief executive Glenn Withers said there was concern that pathways to permanent residency were overwhelming education objectives in areas such as “shorter courses in the vocational end”.


Funder’s errors do not excuse London Met, audit finds

Funder’s errors do not excuse London Met, audit finds | Melanie Newman | Times Higher Education | 13 August 2009

Hefce made mistakes, but blame for data cock-up lies with university. An independent report criticises the funding council’s handling of London Metropolitan University’s financial turmoil but concludes that the university was ultimately responsible for the errors in its student-data returns.


Crackdown on student recruitment

Crackdown on student recruitment | Guy Healy and Andrew Trounson  | 12 August | The Australian Higher Education Supplement

THE failure of the states to properly regulate the troubled college sector is putting at risk the $15 billion export education industry and the federal government should consider a takeover, according to former immigration minister Philip Ruddock.


Standards: MPs upbraid sector

Times Higher Education staff

Times Higher Education

Nine months of evidence-gathering came to this: on 2 August, the IUSS Committee published its state-of-the-sector analysis of higher education.  report on its findings


Rewards for innovation slow to flow

Guy Healy

The Australian

MONASH University’s stake in in-vitro fertilisation and the University of Queensland’s Gardasil vaccine accounted for almost two-thirds of research discovery revenues generated by Australian universities, medical research institutes and public research agencies.,25197,25882785-12332,00.html.