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Colleges Seek ‘Noncognitive’ Measures of Applicants

Colleges Seek ‘Noncognitive’ Measures of Applicants | EricĀ  Hoover | Chronicle of Higher Education | 18 January, 2012

Admissions offices what to know about traits like leadership, initiative and grit, that the SAT does not test. With grades and test scores presenting a limited view of applicants’ potential, admissions officers are looking for new tools to gauge students’ noncognitive skills.


Veterans tell Elite Colleges: ‘We Belong’

Veterans tell Elite Colleges: ‘We Belong’ | Libby Sander | Chronicle of Higher Eduction | 11 January, 2013

Those pricey campuses with their antimilitary culture aren’t for us, many veterans assume. But those who do enroll are finding that they belong.


Coalition failed to heed Ucas’ AAB warnings

Coalition failed to heed Ucas’ AAB warnings | John Morgan | Times Higher Education | 20 September 2012

But could admissions instability lead to further numbers deregulation? The government was warned a year ago by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service that the AAB system and other changes to student numbers would create problems in admissions, it has emerged, as concern mounts over a dramatic shortfall in the number of undergraduates entering higher education this year.


Russell Group ‘a more natural fit’

Russell Group ‘a more natural fit’ | John Morgan | Times Higher Education | 15 March 2012

Quartet abandon 1994 Group for new home among elite body. The University of Exeter saw the Russell Group as a “more natural fit” after the government’s AAB policy “changed the debate”, its vice-chancellor said, as four additional institutions joined the elite mission group.


Aptitude tests show benefits

Aptitude tests show benefitsĀ  | Jill Rowbotham | The Australian Higher Eduction | 18 May, 2011

APTITUDE tests for school-leavers have proven their value as a way into universities for clever students who would have no prospect of making it on their final exam results, a trial has shown. A report on uniTEST, released yesterday by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, concludes the assessment facilitated the admission of students who “otherwise would not have received a place, and that these students performed on par with their counterparts who gained entry through other means, most commonly through Year 12 scores”.


Admissions Interviews: Still an Art and a Science

Admissions Interviews: Still an Art and a Science | Eric Hoover & Beckie Supiano | Chronicle of Higher Education | 21 May, 2010

The article discusses the college admissions process, particularly the admissions interview, which some schools still use to select applicants for admission. Some schools, it is noted, still use interviews because it gives applicants a chance to impress college admissions officers and it also helps officers to meet the applicants for themselves. High school student Robert Johns discusses the college interviews that he took part in. Professor Scott E. Highhouse of Bowling Green State University discusses the psychological aspects of interviews and William E. Sedlacek of the University of Maryland at College Park comments on the reliability of assessing future college students via interviews.