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Commercial pressure led to rushed job on for-profit title award

Commercial pressure led to rushed job on for-profit title award | John Morgan | Times Higher Education | 31 January 2013

Hefce uneasy over University of Law deal and process for private applicants. The government decision to approve the UK’s first for-profit university was hurried through to help meet a deadline in its sale to a private equity firm, a document obtained by Times Higher Education suggests.


Response to review met with derision

Response to review met with derision | Julie Hare | The Australian Higher Education | 30 January, 2013

THE federal government’s belated but comprehensive rejection of Jane Lomax-Smith’s base funding review has been brought into question by a new analysis. On Monday, the government said that owing to “record investment in recurrent and capital funding” there would be “no further general increase in base funding at this stage”.


A British Intellectual Pioneers a New College Model

A British Intellectual Pioneers a New College Model | Aisha Labi | Chronicle of Higher Education | 25 January, 2013

Inspired in part by American liberal-arts colleges, its private status and high tuition have rankled critics at home. In his role as the founder of New College of the Humanities, Britan’s newest and most controversial institution of higher education,  A.C Grayling could have selected among several titles.


Sector forced to play wild variations on a recruitment theme

Sector forced to play wild variations on a recruitment theme | John Morgan | Times Higher Education | 24 January 2013

Ucas data demonstrate wide-ranging impact of fees and funding changes. Some post-1992 universities appear to have been hit by a huge collapse in student demand under the new fees and funding system, while half of the Russell Group’s English members have also lost undergraduate numbers.


Call to overhaul entrance scores

Call to overhaul entrance scores  | Julie Hare | The Australian Higher Education | 23 January, 2013

PUBLISHED cut-off scores for entry into hundreds of university courses bear little resemblance to reality and mislead prospective students and their parents.

And in recent years a proliferation of bonus point and alternative entry schemes have further muddied the picture, raising the spectre of a national standard for reporting entrance requirements.

Colleges Seek ‘Noncognitive’ Measures of Applicants

Colleges Seek ‘Noncognitive’ Measures of Applicants | Eric  Hoover | Chronicle of Higher Education | 18 January, 2012

Admissions offices what to know about traits like leadership, initiative and grit, that the SAT does not test. With grades and test scores presenting a limited view of applicants’ potential, admissions officers are looking for new tools to gauge students’ noncognitive skills.


Times Higher Education – World University Rankings, education news and university jobs – Ministerial statement: yes to stability, no to net migrant recount

Ministerial statement: yes to stability, no to net migrant recount | John Morgan | Times Higher Education | 17 January 2013

Mark Harper shares with John Morgan some good and bad news for the sector on immigration policy. Mark Harper, the immigration minister, has rejected calls from universities to remove overseas students from the net migrant count, saying there is no “logical reason” to make the change.


Denise Bradley proud of surge in numbers

Denise Bradley proud of surge in numbers | Julie Hare| The Australian Higher Education | 16 January, 2013

LAST year universities opened their doors wider than ever before and the government footed the bill. It was the year ATARs tumbled and blistering debates ensued as to whether quality would be compromised. – or not.

Veterans tell Elite Colleges: ‘We Belong’

Veterans tell Elite Colleges: ‘We Belong’ | Libby Sander | Chronicle of Higher Eduction | 11 January, 2013

Those pricey campuses with their antimilitary culture aren’t for us, many veterans assume. But those who do enroll are finding that they belong.


Doctoral-level thinking: non-PhDs need not apply

Doctoral-level thinking: non-PhDs need not apply | Elizabeth Gibney | Times Higher Education | 03 January 2013

UK universities are increasingly pushing for academic staff to hold PhDs, an investigation has revealed. Almost 30 per cent of the 113 universities that responded to a Freedom of Information request by Times Higher Education say they have aims or commitments to increase their proportion of academics with doctorates, whether by hiring new staff or by providing training for existing employees.