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Climate wars give science bad name

Climate wars give science bad name | Luke Slattery | The Australian Higher Education Supplement | 24 February, 2010

UNIVERSITY leaders are pressing for a public campaign to restore the intellectual and moral authority of Australian science in the wake of the climate wars. Peter Coaldrake, chairman of Universities Australia and vice-chancellor of Queensland University of Technology, told the HES yesterday he was “concerned about the way the climate change debate has flowed”, and would address the role of science in the formation of public policy at his National Press Club address next week.


Report highlights nanotech retreat

Report highlights nanotech retreat | Cheryl Jones | The Australian |17  February, 2010

THE number of Australian companies in a nanotechnology market likely to be worth trillions of dollars within a decade has plummeted, according to an Australian Academy of Science report. Federal government reports previously put at about 80 the number of companies engaged in the technology underlying a burgeoning global market.