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High stakes: £21m fines and ‘blindfold poker’

High stakes: £21m fines and ‘blindfold poker’ | John Morgan | Times Higher Education | 07 June 2012

Over-recruitment penalties soar in costly guessing game over enrolments. England’s universities were fined almost £21 million for recruiting too many students this year, more than double the £8 million they were fined last year.


Students prone to grey-sky thinking

Students prone to grey-sky thinking | Rebecca Attwood | Times Higher Education | 25 March 2010

A cloudy open-day visit can boost enrolment numbers, study indicates. According to research published in the latest edition of The Economic Journal, students who visit a university on a cloudy day are more likely to choose to study there.


High-risk race to meet new demand

High-risk race to meet new demand | Andrew Trounson and Guy Healy | The Australian Higher Education Supplement | 20 January, 2010

UNIVERSITIES Australia has warned this year’s big expansion of places is unsustainable and the sector will face a challenge to maintain quality and expand unless backed by additional teaching and infrastructure money. UA chief executive Glenn Withers said universities were having to deal with an immediate rise in student demand when improved federal government indexation of teaching cost would not come through until 2011 and 2012. Even then, he said, the sector would need a boost in absolute teaching funds and infrastructure if the government was to meet its long-term participation targets.