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TEQSA cuts ‘chance to restructure’

TEQSA cuts ‘chance to restructure’  | BERNARD LANE | The Australian Higher Education | 19 February, 2014

A ROUND of redundancies at the higher education regulator is an opportunity to restructure the agency and make it less top-heavy, say former senior staffers.

They say the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency, which faces political and provider pressure to cut red tape, is seeking to cut seven to nine positions, the number depending on the salaries of those who go. TEQSA had 93 staff at June 30 last year, having hired 38 people in 2012-13.


Labor to slash red-tape burden

Labor to slash red-tape burden | Stephen Matchett | The Australian Higher Education | 29 May, 2013

In a radical policy change Tertiary Education Minister Craig Emerson has neutralised higher education as an election negative while creating the possibility of a quality-based two-tier system. This morning Dr Emerson will release a new approach to quality control, which meets university demands for a lighter regulatory burden, which could gut Labor’s own creation, the Tertiary Education Quality Assurance Agency. While Dr Emerson is only announcing a regulatory review, measures included in the announcement make it clear he has heard and understood the concerns of Universities Australia and the Group of Eight and accepts that an estimated $280 million in annual compliance costs for universities to report to government is unacceptable. “The review will ensure more of the government’s record investment is directed at student tuition than administration,” he will say.


Southampton shows teeth and watchdog backs down

Southampton shows teeth and watchdog backs down | Jack Grove | Times Higher Education | 16 May 2013

Russell Group member successfully appeals against full QAA review


TEQSA survey ‘shows weight of red tape’

TEQSA survey ‘shows weight of red tape’ | John Ross | The Australian Higer Education | 10 April , 2013

UNIVERSITIES say a 47-page survey from the higher education regulator, issued the day after a report critical of red tape, is an example of the “dead weight of regulation” crushing the sector. The Group of Eight said completing TEQSA’s “Quality assessment on third-party arrangements” would be onerous, requiring at least a month of a senior executive’s time at each university.


Tertiary regulator issues risk list

Tertiary regulator issues risk list | Bernard Lane | The Australian Higher Education | 29 February, 2012

FALLING student revenue, heavy reliance on casual staff and a big maintenance backlog are among 46 indicators of risk to be watched by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency. Yesterday, TEQSA released the framework it will use to judge how risky providers are, and where it should focus its attention as it seeks to uphold the threshold standards.


QAA in the dark on 63 of 94 private providers

QAA in the dark on 63 of 94 private providers | John Morgan | Times Higher Education | 23 February 2012

Most institutions receiving SLC funds have had no quality review. The Quality Assurance Agency says it has no knowledge of the teaching quality at two-thirds of the private institutions to benefit from state-backed student loans funding.


Design college faces audit fallout

Design college faces audit fallout | Bernard Lane and Andrew Trounson | The Australian Higher Education | 18 January, 2012

A PRIVATE architecture college undergoing a quality audit copied documents from a theological college to give the impression it had scrutinised its own performance, according to an official report.


States Seek Ways to Take Measure of College Degrees

States Seek Ways to Take Measure of College Degrees | Sara Hebel | Chronicle of Higher Education | 3 December 2010

The article profiles the efforts of the U.S. Lumina Foundation for Education to establish a system that clearly defines the skills and knowledge that are involved in achieving an academic degree in the U.S. It focuses on the details of this project, which hopes to implement statewide learning objectives for several academic subjects, and analyzes the use of rubrics to measure student achievement by members of the history department at Utah State University.


Tertiary agency talks to resume

Tertiary agency talks to resume | Andrew Trounson | The Australian Higher Education | 24 November, 2010

THE federal government is expected to convene another consultation meeting with the higher education sector before the end of the year. This comes as the government seeks to forge agreement on contentious legislation to create a new national tertiary education regulator.


Denise Bradley keen on superior audits

Denise Bradley keen on superior audits |  Andrew Trounson | The Australian Higher Education | 03 November, 2010

DENISE Bradley, chairwoman of the new national regulator, has hit out at the low standard of state regulatory bodies. Professor Bradley has assured the sector that she won’t be taking on “box tickers”. Professor Bradley, interim chairwoman of the new Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency, said she would be seeking auditors of the standard employed at the Australian Universities Quality Agency, which will be absorbed by TEQSA.