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The Graying Presidency

The Graying Presidency | Jack Stripling | Chronicle of Higher Education | 25 September, 2011

Major universities face imminent problems of succession planning. The average age of a college leader is 60, so it’s no surprise that a wave of retirements in higher education’s top jobs is imminent, and significant turnover is fast approaching at the nation’s elite research institutions.


Harried, underpaid staff plan to flee the sector

Harried, underpaid staff plan to flee the sector | Julie Hare | The Australian Higher Education | 21  September, 2011

TWO in five academics under the age of 30 plan to leave Australian higher education within the next five to 10 years because of high levels of dissatisfaction caused by lack of job security, poor pay and mountains of paperwork and red tape.


Warning sounded on final-salary pensions

Warning sounded on final-salary pensions | John Morgan| Times Higher Education | 7 January 2010

A career-average deal is one option under review by USS to cut costs. Final-salary pensions could be wound up by the Universities Superannuation Scheme USS, according to the head of a review group looking at the fund’s future.