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Cost is the big deterrent for would-be students

Cost is the big deterrent for would-be students | Rebecca Attwood | Times Higher Education | 19 November 2009

Survey finds those from poorer backgrounds are likely to have a poorer experience. The cost of going to university is the number-one deterrent for people who apply to but do not enter higher education, a study tracking thousands of students has found.


Crackdown on student recruitment

Crackdown on student recruitment | Guy Healy and Andrew Trounson  | 12 August | The Australian Higher Education Supplement

THE failure of the states to properly regulate the troubled college sector is putting at risk the $15 billion export education industry and the federal government should consider a takeover, according to former immigration minister Philip Ruddock.


This Year, Colleges Recruited Students in a ‘Hall of Mirrors’

Eric Hoover and Becki Supiano, The Chronicle of Higher Education

With more unknowns in the enrollment equation this year than ever before, many colleges decided to play it safe and admit more students than they did last year, a new Chronicle survey has found.



They’re Hiring in Hong Kong

Mara Hvistendahl, Chronicle of Higher Education

Universities recruit professors worldwide in ambitious overhaul

Andrej Bogdanov would have been a great catch for any American university. Arriving in the United States from Macedonia in 1996, he succeeded at the top computer-science programs in the country: bachelor’s of science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ph.D. from Berkeley, postdoctoral fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Study. But after a fruitless job hunt in the United States, he turned his sights to East Asia.



For Some, Hard Times Make Hiring Easier

Robin Wilson, The Chronicle of Higher Education

The number of colleges freezing faculty hiring seems to grow each week. Yet some institutions are going against the grain of the poor economy and appointing new professors. This decision has given those campuses an edge, yielding top-quality candidates who might not have been within reach in a more-competitive job market.