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The Professors Behind the MOOC Hype

The Professors Behind the MOOC Hype | Steve Kolowich | Chronicle of Higher Education | 22 March, 2013

What is it like to teach 10,000 or more students at once, and does it really work? The largest-ever survey of professors who have taught MOOCs, or massive open online courses, shows that the process is time-consuming, but, according to the instructors, often successful. Nearly half of the professors felt their online courses were as rigorous academically as the versions they taught in the classroom.

The survey, conducted by The Chronicle, attempted to reach every professor who has taught a MOOC. The online questionnaire was sent to 184 professors in late February, and 103 of them responded.


Futurelearn picks league table stars for debut line-up

Futurelearn picks league table stars for debut line-up | Chris Parr | Times Higher Education | 20 December 2012

Traditional values for OU-led Mooc platform that aims to rival US providers. The institutions chosen to feature on the UK’s new open online course platform have been selected on the basis of their performance in domestic league tables, according to the vice-chancellor of The Open University, which is leading the project


Outdated view ‘risk to online learning’

Outdated view ‘risk to online learning’ | Julie Hare | The Australian Higher Education | 03 October, 2012

HIGHER education is on the cusp of a radical structural shift as it embraces new technologies as a core element of teaching and learning. But the national regulator is so retrospective in its view of university as a bricks-and-mortar, on-campus experience it risks “obstructing innovation in online delivery and therefore jeopardising the nation’s competitiveness,” a leading vice-chancellor has said.In a searing attack at a Melbourne conference last week, University of New England head Jim Barber said the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency was undermining the government’s participation, diversity and even quality objectives through its imposition of a “uniform and now outdated model of education”.


How Big Can E-Learning Get? At Southern New Hampshire U., Very Big

How Big Can E-Learning Get? At Southern New Hampshire U., Very Big | Marc Parry | Chronicle of Higher Education | 02 September, 2011

If you sketched a portrait of a college in a dicey economic spot, it might look like Southern New Hampshire University. The private nonprofit university is little known nationally, not selective, and depends on tuition. It sits in a state whose population of public high-school graduates is projected to decline for years.


OUA calls for subsidised places online

OUA calls for subsidised places online | Bernard Lane |  Australian Higher Education Supplement | 26 August , 2009

OPEN Universities Australia, a fast-growing business owned by public institutions, wants to tap into federal teaching subsidies to accelerate its expansion of online education. Chief executive Stuart Hamilton said OUA’s case for Commonwealth Grant Scheme subsidies made sense, given the government’s plans for a big increase in tertiary places by 2025, the advent of a demand-driven sector in 2012 and the high cost of building extra campuses.