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Home office visa crackdown rocks sector


Good colleges denied fast visas

Good colleges denied fast visas | John Ross and Julie Hare | The Australian Higher Education | 20 November, 2013

IN a process straight from the pages of Joseph Heller’s Catch-22, colleges have been judged low-risk in their dealings with international students so long as they haven\’t enrolled enough international students to build up a track record of risk.Small niche institutions appear on the confidential list of 22 private colleges and TAFEs invited to take part in the streamlined visa processing scheme.


Times Higher Education – World University Rankings, education news and university jobs – Ministerial statement: yes to stability, no to net migrant recount

Ministerial statement: yes to stability, no to net migrant recount | John Morgan | Times Higher Education | 17 January 2013

Mark Harper shares with John Morgan some good and bad news for the sector on immigration policy. Mark Harper, the immigration minister, has rejected calls from universities to remove overseas students from the net migrant count, saying there is no “logical reason” to make the change.


Visa verdict redemption for student

Visa verdict redemption for student | Bernard Lane | The Australian Higher Education | 11 July, 2012

YOUNG at 18 but otherwise not unlike countless other Chinese, she came to Melbourne to study. Within two years, Daisy was working in a massage parlour as she studied for her Victorian Certificate of Education. Worse — and better — was to come. Last month, having spent all her adult life in Australia, Daisy won the right to stay after a tribunal set aside a government decision to cancel her visa.


Local Indians in VET visa race

Local Indians in VET visa race | Bernard Lane | The Australian Higher Education | 15 February, 2012

INDIAN students already living in Australia accounted for every second visa issued for vocational education and training, according to the latest official statistics. In the second half of last year, onshore VET grants to Indians rose 84.5 per cent to 15,031, making up 46.7 per cent of the total.


British Council director calls for ‘urgent review’ of visa policy

British Council director calls for ‘urgent review’ of visa policy | John Morgan | Times Higher Education | 09 February 2012

The organisation charged with promoting British education overseas has rounded on the government over its student-visa changes, calling for an “urgent review” of the policy to avert damage to the economy and the possible closure of university departments.


Little-Known Colleges Exploit Visa Loopholes to Make Millions Off Foreign Students

Little-Known Colleges Exploit Visa Loopholes to Make Millions Off Foreign Students | Tom Bartlett Karin Fischer & Josh Keller | Chronicle of Higher Education | 25 March, 2011

The article discusses foreign college students in the U.S. and examines ways in which non-accredited U.S. higher education institutions such as Tri-Valley University, Herguan University, and the University of Northern Virginia have been accused of exploiting college student visa laws in order to earn profits. It chronicles the closing of Tri-Valley by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and describes how students from India enrolled in these schools were promised jobs as part of their collegiate experience.


150,000 students head to 18-month dead end | The Australian

150,000 students head to 18-month dead end | Andrew Trounson | The Australian Higher Education | 06 January, 2011

INTERNATIONAL student Jagath Fernando hasn’t seen his wife and two daughters in Sri Lanka for two years.He works as a cleaner and shares a room, all in a bid to secure permanent residency as a community care worker. But following abrupt changes to Australia’s immigration laws, his money and sacrifices are in real danger of being wasted.