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Call for ARC to halt the churning

Call for ARC to halt the churning  | JULIE HARE | The Australian Higher Education | 29 January, 2014

OVER the Christmas break, the Centre for Positive Psychology and Education at the University of Western Sydney upped sticks and moved across town to Australian Catholic University\’s Strathfield campus. It totalled about 40 people: researchers, their support staff and PhD students. Yesterday, in a case of déjà vu, the University of South Australia confirmed it had acquired senior researchers and support staff from the University of Technology Sydney’s Centre for Choice. UniSA had even bought real estate in North Sydney to accommodate it’s new Institute for Choice. Two years ago, Central Queensland University, chequebook in hand, acquired UniSA\’s entire team of sleep researchers – and purchased real estate so they could stay in Adelaide.


Revealed: winners and losers in student numbers game

Revealed: winners and losers in student numbers game  |  John Morgan | Times Higher Education | 23 Jan 2014

Figures show effect of £9,000 tuition fees and relaxation of student number controls


Student fee hikes in review spotlight

Student fee hikes in review spotlight | Andrew Trounson | The Australian Higher Education | 22 January, 2014

FEE hikes and deregulation have been put front and centre in many of the submissions to the review of the demand-driven system, stoking speculation that slugging students more could be the price for keeping it. The Group of Eight wants to revive the Bradley review’s recommendation to allow universities to privatise some undergraduate courses by forgoing subsidies in return for the freedom to charge what they like. Such a move would see fees increase by over 50 per cent in high-demand courses.


Rosy prospectuses ‘misleading’ students

Rosy prospectuses ‘misleading’ students  | David Matthews | Times Higher Education | 16 January 2014

Marketing material does not always reveal true picture, research finds


International sector on the rise

International sector on the rise | Julie Hare | The Australian Higher Education | 15 January, 2014

THE international education sector has finally taken a turn for the better with new visa data showing marked improvements in both applications and grants.

Immigration Department statistics show between June and September visa applications increased by 7.1 per cent on the same period in 2012.


Poorer students present ‘financial risk’

Poorer students present ‘financial risk’ |  David Matthews | Times Higher Education | 09 January 2014

Universities struggle to cover costs of dropouts as government support is cut