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Academy blast for research changes

Academy blast for research changes | Andrew Trounson | Australian Higher Education | 2 July, 2014

Proposals to tighten the eligibility for Future Fellowships by focusing the program more on the mid-career researchers without ongoing positions is facing opposition form the Australian Academy of Science.


Research grant success rates rise with demand management

Research grant success rates rise with demand management | Paul Jump | Times Higher Education | 14 November 2013

Research councils show value of restraint. The research councils’ controversial demand management measures have been credited with driving the fourth successive annual rise in the overall success rate for grant applications, which now stands at 30 per cent.


Scientists feel pinch despite R&D plenty

Scientists feel pinch despite R&D plenty  | Elizabeth Gibney | Times Higher Education| 19 September 2013

‘Stable’ figures raise question: where has the money gone?


Research heavyweights deny ‘ganging up’

Research heavyweights deny ‘ganging up’ | Paul Jump | 9 May 2013

A new grouping of southeast institutions accounts for a third of EPSRC-funded work


Research hits funding void

Research hits funding void | Julie Hare | The Australian Higher Education | 05 December, 2012

JULIA Gillard’s ambition to have Australia among the world’s top 10 for research and innovation is being undermined by the government’s failure to provide staffing and costs for a $2 billion investment in research facilities. On the eve of the second national audit of research quality in universities, the HES has learned that critical research infrastructure is on the verge of being shut down or run at sub-capacity because of dwindling resources.


Research cut stirs university divisions

Research cut stirs university divisions | Andrew Trounson | The Australian Higher Education | 24 October , 2012

THE federal government’s $500 million cut in research funds has driven a wedge into the sector, pitting the student access and expansion agenda against the research funding that drives global rankings for elite research universities.Group of Eight chairman and University of NSW vice-chancellor Fred Hilmer has slammed the delay in new money for indirect research costs, blaming the blowout in the cost of the government’s “ill conceived” uncapping of student places. But he immediately put offside those universities that have aggressively expanded places.


Go8 fear cuts to $150m funding

Go8 fear cuts to $150m funding  | Andrew Trounson | The Australian Higher Eduction | 17 October, 2012

CONCERNS that $150 million intended for research infrastructure could be on the chopping block are reaching fever pitch as the university sector prepares itself for cuts ahead of this month’s mini-budget. Any cuts to the next budgeted increase of the Sustainable Research Excellence initiative, which provides funding for the indirect costs of grants, would particularly affect the research-intensive Group of Eight.


Euro ‘own goal’? Coalition tactic could bleed British R&D

Euro ‘own goal’? Coalition tactic could bleed British R&D | Elizabeth Gibney |  Times Higher Education | 19 July 2012

Critics demand ‘joined-up’ thinking as plan to cut EU budget threatens research. Efforts by the UK to curb rises to the overall European Union budget are threatening to cut the €80 billion £63 billion in EU research funding proposed for 2014 to 2020, Times Higher Education has learned.


EPSRC won’t shelve ‘shaping capabilities’ programme

EPSRC won’t shelve ‘shaping capabilities’ programme – but will consult more | Paul Jump | Times Higher Education| 28 October 2011

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council has declined to mothball its controversial shaping capability policy but agreed to work more closely with learned societies on implementing it. The decision was announced following a meeting last week of the EPSRC council, which discussed a joint call from the major learned societies in the physical sciences, plus the Royal Society, to delay the introduction of the policy to give more time to consider objections to it.


Budgets bitten by research funding

Budgets bitten by research funding | Jill Rowbotham | The Australian Higher Education | 27 July, 2011

PRESSURE to perform well in audits such as Excellence in Research for Australia and in international rankings has left universities juggling their budgets to cover an estimated $2.7 billion research spending shortfall.

And, says Frank Larkins, whose analysis of the situation is published today by the LH Martin Institute, it could get worse.