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Stalled progress on GPA may benefit from national push

Stalled progress on GPA may benefit from national push | Elizabeth Gibney | Times Higher Education | 25 April, 2013

Informal group admits reform will require more work than previously thought


Unis use ERA to hide truth, says union

Unis use ERA to hide truth, says union | Andrew Trounson | The Australian Higher Education | 24 April, 2013

THE academic union has put forward new evidence of universities seeking to “game” the Excellence in Research for Australia exercise and has called for a review of the quality audit.The report from the National Tertiary Education Union, released yesterday, also includes widespread concerns that universities are using journal rankings to measure the performance of staff despite the rankings having been dropped by the ERA because of concerns they were being misused.


President’s Plan Would Increase Pell Grants and Add Incentives on Some Student Aid – Government – The Chronicle of Higher Education

President’s Plan Would Increase Pell Grants and Add Incentives on Some Student Aid| Kelly Field | Chronicle of Higher Education | 19 April, 2013

In his long-awaited budget for the 2014 fiscal year, released on Wednesday, President Obama asks Congress to increase the maximum Pell Grant by $140, to $5,785, and spend $8-billion on job-training programs at community colleges.

The spending plan, which comes roughly three weeks after the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives passed budgets outlining their own priorities, repeats the president’s call to expand and remake the Perkins Loan program, an idea he first offered in 2009. It would raise spending on Federal Work-Study by $150-million, doubling the number of recipients over five years, but would provide no increase for Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants.


Unfilled course numbers rise despite cutbacks

Unfilled course numbers rise despite cutbacks | David Matthews | Times Higher Education | 18 April 2013

Do the data represent the failure of market research or are they the inevitable by-product of a broad curriculum?


After the cuts, a $30m handout

After the cuts, a $30m handout |  Bernard Lane & Julie Hare | The Australian Higher Education | 17 April, 2013

JUST two days after the federal government cut $2.3 billion from university budgets and student support, it announced an extra $30 million for Newcastle University to build a city campus for its law and business students.

The move diverted negative attention away from Saturday’s cuts in a safe Labor town with a university that does more than its bit for the equity agenda.



Split persists on Thatcher legacy

Split persists on Thatcher legacy | Jack Grove | Times Higher Education | 11 April 2013

Former prime minister’s higher education policies still elicit respect and rancour


TEQSA survey ‘shows weight of red tape’

TEQSA survey ‘shows weight of red tape’ | John Ross | The Australian Higer Education | 10 April , 2013

UNIVERSITIES say a 47-page survey from the higher education regulator, issued the day after a report critical of red tape, is an example of the “dead weight of regulation” crushing the sector. The Group of Eight said completing TEQSA’s “Quality assessment on third-party arrangements” would be onerous, requiring at least a month of a senior executive’s time at each university.


Offa lets Russell Group off fair access hook

Offa lets Russell Group off fair access hook | Jack Grove | Times Higher Education | 4 April 2013

Watchdog ‘is not putting enough pressure’ on elite universities to widen participation, says report


Business chiefs not qualified for TAFE

Business chiefs not qualified for TAFE | John Ross |  The Australian Higher Education | 03 April, 2013

A TRANSPORT industry chief who helped turn a family business into a $400 million operation is one of at least seven Victorian TAFE board chairs to be replaced because the government believes they lack the ability to lead “a large and complex government business”. Also going are a construction tsar who converted the company he founded in his 20s into a $500m business, and a tourism executive who steered her TAFE through the acquisition and sale of a global English language test and the establishment of a training arm in Singapore.