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Few regrets for David Willetts

Few regrets for David Willetts   | John Morgan | Times Higher Education | 17 July 2014

David Willetts has predicted that facing down a “populist but incredibly dangerous” Labour policy to lower fees to £6,000 will be the major challenge for his successor.



Speculation grows that Gove is making play for academy brief

Speculation grows that Gove is making play for academy brief | Simon Baker | Times Higher Education | 01 March 2012

Conservative education secretary is said to be pushing for oversight of higher education. Would bringing universities back under the control of the Department for Education improve social mobility by restoring the policy link between schools and universities? Or would it be a case of “rearranging deckchairs” as the economy struggles, and expose universities to the “interventionist” policies of Michael Gove?


HE bill’s suspension won’t derail reforms

HE bill’s suspension won’t derail reforms | John Morgan | Times Higher Education | 26 January 2012

The government’s apparent move to suspend the higher education bill will not automatically derail the expansion of private provision, according to government critics and leading private institutions.