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Bosses losing faith in quality of training qualifications

Bosses losing faith in quality of training qualifications | Andrew Trounson | The Australian Higher Education | 31 July, 2013

A LEAKED Victorian government-commissioned survey has found that employers are losing faith in the quality of training qualifications, adding more ammunition to ongoing criticism of the state’s open market for training subsidies that has led to a proliferation of private providers.The report from Queensland-based consultants Ithaca Group, and obtained by the HES, surveyed about 140 Victorian employers as part of an effort to assess their training information needs, but it found many would rather buy qualifications than trust the training system to improve staff skills.


VET hit by funds crossfire

VET hit by funds crossfire | John Ross | The Australian Higher Education | 01 May, 2013

The federal government has withheld about $300 million from the cash-strapped vocational education and training sector because it is in dispute with state governemnts for cutting similar amounts from TAFE. An estimated $187 of VET capital funding has not been passed on to the sector, even thought the education Investment Fund advisory board recommended about six months ago that a dozen projects should proceed.


Business chiefs not qualified for TAFE

Business chiefs not qualified for TAFE | John Ross |  The Australian Higher Education | 03 April, 2013

A TRANSPORT industry chief who helped turn a family business into a $400 million operation is one of at least seven Victorian TAFE board chairs to be replaced because the government believes they lack the ability to lead “a large and complex government business”. Also going are a construction tsar who converted the company he founded in his 20s into a $500m business, and a tourism executive who steered her TAFE through the acquisition and sale of a global English language test and the establishment of a training arm in Singapore.


Resource training backed by taskforce

Resource training backed by taskforce  | John Ross | The Australian Higher Education | 07 November, 2012 12:00AM

A DISUSED TAFE campus could become the home of a new “training delivery and brokerage operation” in which the Queensland Resources Council had a commercial interest, according to a taskforce chaired by QRC chief Michael Roche and asked to give the state government independent advice.

The government “might contribute all or part of a surplus TAFE campus” to the new entity, according to the report from the Skills and Training Taskforce, released yesterday.


Mergers, takeovers in store for TAFEs

Mergers, takeovers in store for TAFEs | John Ross | The Australian Higher Education | 19 September, 2012

A LEAKED summary of Victorian TAFE transition plans reveals a minefield of possible mergers, takeovers and asset swaps, as universities circle TAFEs weakened by market reforms, denial of federal higher education funds and severe state budget cuts in May.


Training providers caught in skills conflict

Training providers caught in skills conflict | Andrew Trounson | The Australian Higher Education | 22 February, 2012

VICTORIA’S Baillieu government has attacked the federal skills regulator, claiming it is registering training providers despite the fact they are under investigation by state authorities. In what appears to be a breakdown in inter-governmental co-operation, Victoria has raised standards for contracting providers eligible for state training subsidies, but claims the federal regulator, the Australian Skills Quality Authority, is not doing a good enough job.