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Britain and US preferred by China students

Britain and US preferred by China students | Bernard Lane |  The Australian Higher Education | 30 June, 2010

THE best student recruiters in China are switching to the US and Britain as destinations, says agent John Findley.


Overseas student market at risk

Overseas student market at risk |  Andrew Trounson  | The Australian Higher Education | 23 June, 2010

THE threat to universities from a significant downturn in international students is real and immigration needs to better refine its visa integrity.


Student Services, in Outside Hands

Student Services, in Outside Hands | Sara Lipka | Chronicle of Higher Education | 18 June 2010

The article discusses third-party vendors that are sometimes contracted by American colleges and universities to oversee student services and whether such relationships are beneficial. It is noted that accountability and funding issues have made some schools look more carefully at outsourcing to contractors. Such services are becoming more prominent in the field and services are provided by companies such as American Campus Communities and Campus Advantage. Ronald D. Chesbrough, vice president for student affairs at Hastings College in Nebraska, took part in a conference call with an outsourcing firm where they discussed the services offered including student advising and enrollment management. The advisory boards of some of these companies and their marketing efforts are discussed.


Plagiarism tariff: let the punishment fit the demerit points

Plagiarism tariff: let the punishment fit the demerit points | Rebecca Attwood | Times Higher Education | 17 June 2010

Benchmark for addressing student misconduct may have global applications. Academics in the UK have drawn up a national tariff covering penalties for student plagiarism, which could be adopted as a worldwide system for dealing with offenders.


Sector says no to double standards

Sector says no to double standards | Andrew Trounson | The Australian Higher Education | 16 June 2010

THE Australian Technology Network of universities has floated the possibility of strong performing universities being treated differently by the new national regulator, subject to periodic reviews.


Report warns of research shortfall

Report warns of research shortfall | Guy Healy | The Australian Higher Education | 9 June 2010

Allen Consulting, in a report to the government, says Australia will find it increasingly difficult to attract researchers from these countries as their economies continue to expand and funds flow into their domestic innovation systems.


Professors Find Buyouts Are Not All About Money

Professors Find Buyouts Are Not All About Money | Audrey Williams June | Chronicle of Higher Education | 04 June,  2010

The article discusses the option that professors of some American colleges and universities have been given to be bought out by the school and take early retirement. Some of these schools receive state funding that has decreased as a result of the global financial crisis and so the buyouts are a way for schools to save money. The experience of professors Jo-Mae B. Maris and Brian A. Maris, who were both employed by Northern Arizona University, is discussed, particularly their decision that Jo-Mae would take retirement while her husband continued working. Professor Marilyn A. Martone, formerly of St. John’s University, discusses her decision to take the buyout to begin another phase of her career.


Steep slump in English spooks sector

Steep slump in English spooks sector | Andrew Trounson | The Australian Higher Education | 2 June 2010

A STEEP fall in the number of international students starting English courses has heightened fears the university sector faces a damaging slump in coming months.