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Scientists want slice of our super

Scientists want slice of our super | Jill Rowbotham |  The Australian Higher Education | 07 March, 2012

SCIENCE and innovation leaders want a slice of Australia’s $1.3 trillion superannuation assets to commercialise research that risks remaining undeveloped or being lost to offshore investors. Superannuation and Financial Services Minister Bill Shorten told a meeting of players from each side in Melbourne yesterday they should work out what they needed from each other, so the funds could “properly consider investment opportunities” and science could “resource long-term, stable, research and development”.


Rewards for innovation slow to flow

Guy Healy

The Australian

MONASH University’s stake in in-vitro fertilisation and the University of Queensland’s Gardasil vaccine accounted for almost two-thirds of research discovery revenues generated by Australian universities, medical research institutes and public research agencies.