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New National Tally of College Completion Tries to Count All Students

New National Tally of College Completion Tries to Count All Students | Katherine Mangan | Chronicle of Higher Education | 23 November, 2012

For years, higher-education leaders have argued that dismal college-completion rates fail to capture the single mother who could squeeze in only a few classes per semester or the serviceman who started at one college and finished years later at another. On Thursday, the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center released a report that takes account of the circuitous but ultimately successful routes that students often take toward a college degree.

The report, “Completing College: A National View of Student Attainment Rates,” concludes that when such nontraditional but increasingly common patterns of enrollment are considered, the national completion rate jumps to 54 percent, from 42 percent. Among full-time students, 75 percent earn a degree or certificate within six years.


Affluent neighbours obscure true number of poor put off by fees

Affluent neighbours obscure true number of poor put off by fee | Jack Grove | Times Higher Education | 18 October 2012

Experts say many young people deterred by fear of debt are missed by Polar data. The near tripling of tuition fees may be deterring many more potential students from poor families than official data suggest because of flaws in the way participation is measured, experts have warned.


Funds to be shared for better uni access

Funds to be shared for better uni access  | Julia Hare and Andrew Trounson | The Australian Higher Education | 07 December, 2011

A CONSORTIUM of Queensland’s eight universities has been granted $21 million to work towards improving university access for the state’s disadvantaged and indigenous students. The consortium, under which each university will form a partnership with every eligible school in the state, was formed last year.


Equity targets still long way off

Equity targets still long way off |  Julie Hare | The Australian Higher Education | 28 September, 2011

WHILE domestic student enrolments increased by nearly 5 per cent in the past year, enrolments of low socio-economic students grew by a mere 0.17 per cent, calling into question whether the Bradley review’s equity targets are achievable.


Women doing OK but men lagging behind

Women doing OK but men lagging behind |  John Ross | The Australian Higher Education | 13  July, 2011

WOMEN have all but met the federal government’s higher education attainment goals, but the overall population can’t reach the target unless men’s participation rates improve drastically, according to a Sydney higher education researcher. International education consultant Alan Olsen said about 603,000 domestic female students had obtained higher education qualifications between 2000 and 2009, almost 50 per cent more than the 404,000 completions by their male counterparts. His 10-year analysis, which tallied domestic completions against the corresponding population of 25 to 34-year-olds, revealed a 39.1 per cent attainment rate among women.