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College Degrees, Designed by the Numbers

College Degrees, Designed by the Numbers | Marc Parry | The Chronicle of Higher Education | 18 July, 2012

Campuses are places of intuition and serendipity: A professor senses confusion on a student’s face and repeats his point; a student majors in psychology after a roommate takes a course; two freshmen meet on the quad and eventually become husband and wife. Now imagine hard data substituting for happenstance.


Cuts fear assumes Liberal Party rule

Cuts fear assumes Liberal Party rule |  Andrew Trounson | The Australian Higher Education | 01 August, 2012

A DEBATE on the deregulation of student fees held by Universities Australia assumed the next election would deliver a Coalition government focused on budget cuts and that any funding increases would come from students. At a UA workshop of vice-chancellors and their representatives in Canberra on Monday, participants appeared to accept that the fees discussion was not about ideology but about finding a pragmatic alternative to revenue streams in a tight fiscal environment, several sources told the HES.