Cuts Intensify Identity Crisis for Washington’s Flagship Campus

Cuts Intensify Identity Crisis for Washington’s Flagship Campus | Paul Fain | Chronicle of Higher Education | 3 September, 2010

The article discusses the financial health of the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington, which is largely due to the amount of research funding that it receives from the U.S. federal government. It is noted, however, that such funds cannot be used to pay for everyday costs such as faculty salaries or campus improvement projects. The state of Washington is facing an economic crisis that has made it difficult for the school to receive aid from the state. The school, which is a top tier university, has decided to privatize in order to forestall budget cuts and is increasing its population of out-of-state students. The efforts of the school to receive more state aid and the reaction of state lawmakers, like state representative Deb Wallace, is discussed.

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