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Field of Discord

Field of Discord |Thomas Bartlett | Chronicle of Higher Education | 2 July 2010

The article discuses sustainable agriculture education in the U.S. The experience of Ricardo Salvador and his attempt to be hired by Iowa State University to lead its Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture is discussed. It is believed that the center had trouble filling the spot because of a careful balance that it must maintain between traditional agriculture and sustainable agriculture. It is noted that a lot of farming takes place in Iowa, but that the use of nitrogen fertilizer and pesticides has harmed the environment. The mission of the center is discussed and center advisory board member Erin Irish discusses the center’s efforts to create a mission and hire a director. The reasons that Iowa State did not give Salvador the position are discussed.

Pledge to fully fund 10,000 places falls by the wayside

Pledge to fully fund 10,000 places falls by the wayside | Simon Baker | Times Higher Education | 1 July 2010

‘Lack of time’ and student loans firm’s woes force Willetts to drop Tory plans. A Conservative plan to directly fund 10,000 extra university places for three years had to be abandoned by the coalition government because of the date of the general election and problems at the Student Loans Company, it has emerged.